Visiting Hawaii

COVID Free Hawaii is an organization created to support the reopening of Hawaii businesses, economy, and tourism.  We are community-based comprised of a state of the art local laboratory and non-profit licensed local medical professionals. Our mission is to provide Hawaii with viable COVID testing solutions for both Hawaii residents, incoming visitors, and employees. Our goal is to eliminate fear for both visitors and locals.        

COVID Free Hawaii is the joining of two vital organizations to provide organized COVID medical services such as sample collection and antibody testing to the islands. These two organizations are S&G Labs Hawaii and The Island Group.

What Should I Expect When Visiting Hawaii?

A 14-day quarantine is now in place for all non-exempt visitors.  The department of health details the specifics of the required quarantine. 

Lodging is now limited given the new stay-at-home order.  Confirm your stay with your hotel or lodging provider ahead of time. 

Many facilities require a mask for entry.  Please bring a mask with you to wear on the plane and out in public.

What Documentation Do I Need to Present After Being Tested?

Your home state may require certain documentation along with COVID-19 results upon re-entry.

These documents include but are not limited to: 

(1) personal information of an applicant (name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, sex)
(2) proof of authenticity of the COVID-19 test result (test method (only limited to the test method mentioned in the format), test result, date (and time) of sampling, date of test result, date of issuance of the certificate)
(3) information of a medical institution(the name and address of a medical institution /the name of a doctor/stamp seal(or sign by doctor))

 Our partner laboratory S&G Labs Hawaii is a credentialed laboratory in the state of Hawaii. 

Information pertaining to the proof of authenticity of COVID-19 test results and medical institution can be found below: 

Proof of Laboratory CLIA  Accreditation

Proof of State Laboratory License 

Proof of Validated Test Method