S&G Labs Hawaii has begun offering COVID-19 pooled testing for groups of 100 or more people. Pooled testing is an inexpensive, fast, and easy way to promote COVID-19 survelience in the community for:

Staying healthy and safe in school
Reopening businesses
Attending life's important ceremonies & events
Enjoying sporting events, cruises & tours

$15 per person COVID-19 PCR test

Price per person


*minimum order of 100 required
Shipping and Handling


Additional Prepaid Return Labels and Packaging


All orders subject to a 3% processing fee and Hawaii state taxes
Orders returned with less than 15 swabs per collection tube will incur a $50 fee
Group Registration
Send Back Samples
Get Results

Group Registration

Register your group with S&G Labs Hawaii then order your COVID-19 Screening kit
Your kit includes:

  • Swabs for each person in your group
  • Collection tubes to hold 15-25 swabs each and labels for each tube
  • Prepaid return envelope and shipping label
  • Instruction sheet


This part is as easy as picking your nose – even the kids cant do this on their own!

  1. Before swabbing each person should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer
  2. Gently blow your nose to bring your mucus forward
  3. Use the provided swab to collect your sample on the inside of your lower nostril – no deep swabbing necessary
  4. Place 15 – 25 swabs in each labeled collection tube
  5. IMPORTANT: Keep a record of whose sample is in each tube in the event there is a positive result and every one in the pod needs to be retested. Use the included tracking sheet example to identify each person in each labeled tube.

    Please note: Each tube should contain a minimum of 15 swabs. Collection tubes with less than 15 swabs will incur an additional $50 fee before results are processed
    Be sure to screw the lid on tight and check for leaks before placing the collection tubes in the prepaid shipping envelopes

Send Back Samples

Package your tubes and send them back to us using the pre-paid label and envelope

Please Note: Your package needs to be returned to us the same day the samples are collected. The prepaid label and envelope are shipped via UPS. Samples shipped Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will not be processed or resulted until the following Tuesday due to Hawaii based UPS shipping limitations. Please plan accordingly.

Get Results

Check your email! Once your samples are received in our laboratory your group administrator will be sent an email to register for our patient portal. This means your tests are processing and your results will be ready soon!

In the event a pod has a positive result, the group administrator will be contacted by our facility to coordinate repeat individual testing for those in the positive pod.

COVID-19 pooled test results are not accepted for travel in the United States or other countries.

How Does it Work?

Test your pod
Collect pod samples in one tube
Send samples back. Wait for Results
Group Administrator receives results in their portal

If there is a positive test, then each member of the pod quarantines or opts to re-test each person individually

Pods that test positive are re-tested for FREE at the request of the group organizer

Frequently Asked Questions

The group administrator from your organization or event initiates pooled testing, sends samples, receives the entire groups test results, and coordinates additional testing if needed.

The pod leader is the person selected by your group administrator to oversee, track, and collect samples from 15 to 25 people.

Negative pooled testing results do not contain individual patient information and therefore can not be used for travel.

10-15 minutes and speeds up when the processes is learned and repeated.

As young as kindergarteners can learn and perform self-swabbing.

Pooling dramatically cuts the cost without sacrificing accuracy.

We use short nasal swabs and it only goes in half an inch into the nostril.

You can still contract COVID-19 and be vaccinated. Regular testing decreases spread.

A pool consists of 15 to 25 people. Swabs from an entire pod are placed in a single tube. Tubes with less than 15 swabs will incur a $50 additional surcharge.

A minimum purchase of 100 swabs must be purchased, not all swabs need to be used on one date. We offer additional prepaid shipping labels and envelopes if you’d like to break your testing event into multiple days. Please note, each collection tube sent must contain at least 15 swabs.

We retest any positive pod at no cost to the group.

No. Just the individual signing up the group will get results for each pod.

An additional surcharge of $50 will need to be paid by the account before results are released.

We do not suggest shipping Friday through Sunday as your samples will not be received until Tuesday due to Hawaii based UPS shipping limitations.