Employee FAQ

When will I be tested?

Your employer will work directly with our facility to schedule sample collection.  Refer to your employer for your appointment date and time. 

How will I access my results?

At the time of sample collection, you will be provided a registration code from your employer or from COVID Free Hawaii staff for a patient portal.  Use that registration code to access your results. See the results page for more information or speak directly with one of our customer support representatives.

Why do I have to preregister?

Pre-registering allows our organization to keep sample collection nearly paperless as well as streamlined and efficient.  If you have questions about preregistration visit our contact page or use the chat.  

Patient and Employee Results

If you were registered for the S&G Labs portal, you will receive your login credentials directly from an S&G Labs Hawaii account representative. Your patient or employee results will be available in PDF form and accessible at any time after a certified scientist has approved the results.  If you have any questions about the results portal, please contact customer support by phone or chat. If you have questions about test results, please contact the laboratory directly by phone.  If you have received your credentials you can follow the account setup instructions here.

Provider and Employer Portal

1. Getting to the Portal

If you arent provided a link from an S&G Labs account representative directly to the portal use the link below 


2. Login to your Account

Choose the appropriate organization from the organization dropdown. 

If you are an existing client you will have two organizations to choose from.  Select the “-COVID” option. 

3. Terms and Conditions

New accounts require you to read and agree to the terms and conditions to use the patient portal software.

4. View your results

Use the print PDF icon to view your test results.  Be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.  A new tab will open in your browser.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve received your login credentials and you’re ready to login click below to be routed to the results portal