Patient FAQ

Can I get tested if I don't have insurance?

Yes!  The CAREs act has allocated funds to ensure all patients can be tested. If you a permanent Hawaii resident without insurance please fill out the indicated boxes for patient registration and schedule an appointment. 

What is a "Permanent Hawaii Resident"?

A permanent Hawaii resident is a resident of Hawaii that doesn’t live in any other state more than six months out of the year.  A permanent resident will have either have no insurance or Hawaii based insurance. 

What is a "Non-permanent Hawaii Resident"?

A non-permanent Hawaii resident lives in another state or country more than six months out of the year or has out of state insurance. We currently do not take mainland based insurances.  A cash fee will be accessed for out-of-state residents.  

How will I access my results?

If you were referred to our organization by your provider, your provider will follow up with you regarding your results.
If your sample was collected at a drive-up testing center, you will be enrolled in our patient portal and your results will be made available there.

Why do I have to preregister?

Pre-registering allows our organization to keep sample collection nearly paperless as well as streamlined and efficient.  If you have questions about preregistration visit our contact page or use the chat. 

Where can I get tested?

We have drive up locations in Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. Availability at these locations is subject to change at any time.  We suggest you register for testing and use your registration number to schedule testing at the nearest open collection site. 

Getting Your Results

1. Find the registration email

Check your email account for your registration code from email address: 

If you do not see this email please check your spam folder.  If you still can not find the email contact COVID Free Hawaii by phone

2. Follow the emailed link to the portal

Your registration email will include a link to our patient portal and will bring you straight to the registration page.  If you arent provided a link directly to the portal use the link below 

You’ll want to click the “Are you a patient?” link

3. Login or Register

You can choose to login to an already existing account or register for a new one.  You will need your registration code to set up your account.  If you are unable to find your registration code contact our customer service representatives

4. Registration

Your registration code expires in 30 days and should not contain any spaces.  For assistance with enrollment contact customer support

5. Account Setup

You will enter your personal account information here.  This information will be used for further troubleshooting. 

6. User Setup

You will choose your own username and password.  Please securely record this information.  To ensure the security of your results, we will not be able to recover your password. 

7. Security Questions

If you lose your password it can be recovered by entering the answers to your security questions. Please securely record this information. To ensure the security of your results we will not be able to recover your security answers. 

8. Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to the terms and conditions to use the patient portal software.

9. View Your Results

Use the print PDF icon to view your test results.  Be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.  A new tab will open in your browser.

If you’ve received your registration code and you’re ready to log in click below to be routed to the patient portal